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Why Do Companies Undervalue Customer Loyalty?

By Kasia Moreno , Forbes The other day I got an offer in the mail to renew my subscription to a magazine I have been subscribing to for years. In the same batch of mail came another offer from the same magazine, treating me as a potential new customer. I opened both envelopes. The subscription

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Does Your Company Really Need a Chief Customer Officer?

By Jennifer LeClaire, News Factor Network Good Question. Curtis Bingham, founder and executive director of the Chief Customer Officer Council, has a good answer: Yes. As Bingham sees it, the question really isn’t whether or not you need a CCO but when you need a CCO. In a recent article, Bingham explained that the role

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Forget Gen-X or Baby-Boomers, this is the era of the Connected Customer! – from day 3 of the US Direct Marketing Association Conference

By Joel Nicholson – Managing Director, Marketsoft (@DMA_USA) Today’s epiphany for me from the US Direct Marketing Association Conference is that, as technology equips customers with a collective voice, they are more and more truly in control. Sharing feedback isn’t restricted to younger age groups; it is now the norm across a much broader cross-section

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How not to personalise your next marketing email

By Kathy Salter, @Marketsoft ‘Dear Kathy’ the email started. Well, there’s hope, I thought, optimistically. I’ve received a few ‘Dear ,’ emails recently from organisations that should know better. Marketers, let’s face it, are not the easiest people to engage. We analyse the email at the same time as deciding sceptically whether or not to

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When data-driven marketing feels like stalking

At this year’s ADMA Data Day, Woolworths Head of Everyday Rewards & Woolworths Insurance, George Hughes, was addressing the Data-driven marketing stream about the retailer’s successful Everyday Rewards scheme. When the time came for questions, the plaintive cry rang out across the conference room: “How does Woolworth’s know which toothpaste I use?” It was an

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