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DMA 2014: Day 3 – Magic and motivation

The main DMA14 conference kicked off today, and the attendee count seemingly multiplied 10-fold overnight! The day was launched with the formal DMA keynote and an absolute highlight of… Selfies! Magic Johnson selfies, that is. Earvin “Magic” Johnson headlined the keynote, with his motivational, inspirational, and perspective-demanding talk. His story of building a business empire

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How SMB B2B Marketers Can Improve Lead Turnover by Using Big Company Tactics

By Mimi Miles, Marketing Profs, @marketingprofs Not surprisingly, a recent study by InsideSales.com points to a lack of leads as the top challenge for today’s business-to-business (B2B) marketers. The need for qualified leads almost always trumps other important efforts such as brand awareness, field enablement, and partner development. At the same time, B2B prospect pools are smaller

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Marketers – what your number one priority should be in 2014

By Kathy Salter, @Marketsoft What are your marketing priorities for 2014? Behavioural targeting? Refining your content marketing? Developing your social channels? While  each of these are increasing in importance for marketers, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you could be wasting your time if you don’t have one fundamental

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Marketers aren’t investing enough in direct response and customer data

By Nadia Cameron (@CMOAustralia) Australian marketing consultant John Dwyer claims marketers continue to mistakenly focus on brand building and should instead be embracing direct response tactics and upping their data capturing capabilities on and offline Marketers should embrace more direct response activity and invest in better customer data if they’re to create a sustainable business

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DMA 2012: Generation Disruptions

As the clock ticked down, the official DMA 2012 proceeding closed with a final keynote – a panel consisting of five of the sharpest minds in business and marketing. Hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett), conversation stretched across a wide range of topical elements, from business structures to suit modern demands, to the impact of mobile on

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DMA 2012: The big trend for 2012

After four days of DMA Conference for 2012, there is one overriding theme present in almost every word spoken. A theme which – perhaps surprisingly – does not directly relate to either Big Data OR social media (though they are implied under it). A theme which goes beyond predictive analytics and every marketer’s holy grail,

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DMA 2012: Big Data and the emergence of the long tail

Wired Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Chris Anderson opened day 3 of DMA 2012 with his take on everyone’s favourite buzzword – Big Data. Chris’s approach to the problem is an imperfect one, best summarised by his quote from George Box on models –  “all models are wrong, but some are useful“. Chris worked through the theory that in

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