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Bad data has big consequences, according to Quantium executive

By Bonnie Gardiner, CMO Quantium’s Tim Trumper cautions marketers to be wary of the dangers of poor or misleading data as they establish a data-driven marketing approach Marketers increasingly adopting a data-driven approach should be wary of misleading or poor data, a leading analytics consultancy claims. Speaking at the ad:tech event in Sydney on data

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Dangers of bad data and how to paint an accurate picture

Source The Guardian West Midlands Police realised inaccurate information was a safety issue. Here’s how they worked to correct it West Midlands Police has implemented a new data management process to spot inaccurate information. Photograph: Spectral / Alamy/Alamy West Midlands Police has a clientele that isn’t always forthcoming with accurate information. Whenever suspects give fake

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Facebook Kicks Out Two Ad Partners Over Bad Data Practices

By James Kosur, Business 2 Community Facebook has removed two mobile ad companies from its platform. The social media company performed a privacy audit which revealed that they breached policies on retaining data and informing customers about general app activities. AdExchanger, notes that Facebook had relied on HasOffers and Kontagent, to help measure app installations

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Data quality: the ugly duckling of big data?

By Mary Shacklett – Tech Republic Image: Wikimedia Commons/University of Liverpool Faculty of Health TEKsystems (a subsidiary of Allegis Group, a private talent management firm) performed a big data survey in 2013 that revealed 60 percent of IT leaders believed their organizations lacked accountability for data quality, and more than 50 percent of IT leaders questioned

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Is Your Company Running A Data Dump?

By Michael Fitzgerald – Information Week Image courtesy of St. Louis County. Hoarding useless data makes analytics harder. Companies like Paxata say their brand of analytics lets non-data experts turn data landfills into useful info. Companies of all sorts are now in the garbage business. Without even thinking about it, companies collect so much data

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Marketers – what your number one priority should be in 2014

By Kathy Salter, @Marketsoft What are your marketing priorities for 2014? Behavioural targeting? Refining your content marketing? Developing your social channels? While  each of these are increasing in importance for marketers, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you could be wasting your time if you don’t have one fundamental

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Marketsoft: Data Services [PRESENTATION]

By Marketsoft, @Marketsoft At Marketsoft, we believe that marketing should be all about the customer, and that data provides an unprecedented opportunity to establish this dynamic. Used effectively, data allows marketers to shift their mindset from a dated product-centric mentality, to one where all marketing actions are ultimately defined by the customer. View our latest

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