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News from the US Direct Marketing Association Event DMA 2014: Opening day, opening thoughts

  The US DMA 2014 pre-conference kicked off today with eight streams of pre-conference intensives, and a lunchtime keynote from Facebook’s Head of Partner Development, Khurrum Malik (www.linkedin.com/in/malik). We won’t dwell on the latter as it skewed toward being an ad for Facebook Customer Audiences, albeit with a captive DMA audience. We attended the Analytics, Digital Intelligence &

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CIO head-to-head: Collaborating with business to be more externally customer-centric

We ask three technology leaders how they’re ensuring their teams are working more collaboratively with line-of-business to meet customer expectations. Q: How are you changing your operational and leadership approach to be more externally customer-centric? Janet Sutherland, CIO, Wotif Group The IT team at the Wotif Group has a strong customer focus, which is particularly

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Why being customer-centric is not about generating brand love

By Mark Iremonger, Marketing Moving beyond disruption innovation A straw poll of my agency planning friends suggests that, in the world of marketing communications, many translate “customer-centric” into “being seen to put the customer first” or “acting in a customer’s best interests”. So, for example, a customer-centric energy company might tell its customers when there’s

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Decoding CRM Buzzwords! Let’s Just Call it Great Customer Service!

By Theresa Mills, Business 2 Community You may have read last week’s blog: The Anytime, Anyplace Customer Experience. In the process of writing the blog, I came across loads of different CRM buzzwords like multi-channel, omni-channel, customer-centric, customer alignment, channel agnostic…and so on. As my head was swirling around with all of these terms, I

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Does Your Company Really Need a Chief Customer Officer?

By Jennifer LeClaire, News Factor Network Good Question. Curtis Bingham, founder and executive director of the Chief Customer Officer Council, has a good answer: Yes. As Bingham sees it, the question really isn’t whether or not you need a CCO but when you need a CCO. In a recent article, Bingham explained that the role

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Turning Data Into Marketer’s Best Friend

By Andrea Ward, CMS Wire From business to baseball, data is having its moment in the sun. Data provides marketers information that can be used to execute targeted campaigns that can drive revenue. The marketer now more than ever has the ability to deliver personalized experiences across digital channels, and help customers build relationships with

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