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The Six C’s of a Customer-Centric Marketing and Sales Pipeline

By Laura Patterson, 4Hoteliers Just like Sales, Marketing is responsible for managing a predictable, reliable demand generation pipeline with a plan that ultimately produces higher value opportunities and maximizes revenue. We believe that the traditional approach to the pipeline — Awareness, Interest, Demand, Action —or the more modified version of this pipeline — Awareness, Interest,

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Building the Customer-Centric Bank of the Future

By Eric Stine – BankTech, @banktech The banking industry has been slow to adapt to changing expectations and new ways of serving customers. Here’s what banks must do now to lead the industry. Eric Stine How would the customer-centric bank of the future differ from today’s bank? Here’s one possible scenario. A customer of a

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How Data Can Help You Rule At Content Marketing

By Marty Muse Driving search traffic and qualified leads using digital content is easy, as long as your methodology starts with proper research. Knowing where to start and what to ask is half the battle. How Data Can Help You Rule At Content Marketing image Email List Great digital content drives the success of all

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Publishers: Use Consumer Data to Drive Your Marketing Plan

By Jeremy Greenfield September 3, 2013 – NEW YORK – Publishers understand the need to demonstrably connect their books with consumers. And with so many tools available today, it would seem that they should find it easy to do – focusing marketing efforts and dollars and increasing sales in all channels. But this isn’t always

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Customer Data: Will Yours Spark Love Or Ignominy?

By John Foley, Forbes My middle initial is the letter P. That’s a minor detail, but it’s something companies making offers to me should know. Because if they get that one letter wrong—as often happens–it’s a big red flag they don’t really know who I am. Muddled identities and other data-quality gaffes reflect poorly on

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SimpleRelevance Report Reveals Marketers Fail to Target Customers Correctly with Email

Source GlobeNewswire SimpleRelevance, a leading personalized digital marketing company, today released a report “Marketers Use Technology to Drive Individualized Messaging.” The report showcases the importance of targeting customers at the individual level rather than on demographic segment data. SimpleRelevance data scientists analyzed individual customers’ email behavior to assess each person’s propensity to open email and

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Tell us your problems and choose your prize

By Kathy Salter, @Marketsoft We are back at our desks, catching our breath after the ADMA Global Forum 2013 and we want to thank everyone who came to see us to shoot a few basketball hoops, attempt a hole in one or simply catch up for a chat and a little fun at the Marketsoft

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Can data-driven marketing change the world?

In March 1998 I had my first profound awakening to the world of marketing. I had a background heavily steeped in technology and mathematics. What on earth was I doing taking my first business study in marketing fundamentals? The answer followed quickly as marketing was described to me as purely a relationship of trust between

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