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DMA 2014: Day 2 – Trust, Transparency, and Ice Cream

Day 2 of DMA 2014 in San Diego saw us continue the fun and games with the SAS team, exploring some exciting themes around both marketing optimisation (via analytics) and social media data exploration. The standout theme for the day however was the closing keynote from Ben & Jerry’s Director of Social Mission Rob Michalak (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/rob-michalak/6/632/7bb) and Richard Rosen, CEO

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News from the US Direct Marketing Association Event DMA 2014: Opening day, opening thoughts

  The US DMA 2014 pre-conference kicked off today with eight streams of pre-conference intensives, and a lunchtime keynote from Facebook’s Head of Partner Development, Khurrum Malik (www.linkedin.com/in/malik). We won’t dwell on the latter as it skewed toward being an ad for Facebook Customer Audiences, albeit with a captive DMA audience. We attended the Analytics, Digital Intelligence &

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Why being customer-centric is not about generating brand love

By Mark Iremonger, Marketing Moving beyond disruption innovation A straw poll of my agency planning friends suggests that, in the world of marketing communications, many translate “customer-centric” into “being seen to put the customer first” or “acting in a customer’s best interests”. So, for example, a customer-centric energy company might tell its customers when there’s

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3 Rules of Respectful Data-Driven Marketing

By Heather Zynczak, CMS Wire Technology’s recent surge in big data capabilities has also spawned a number of concerns – perhaps most notably the issue of privacy — and whether or not it actually exists. Most technology executives have similar attitudes on the subject. Google CEO Eric Schmidt remarked, “If you have something that you

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Decoding CRM Buzzwords! Let’s Just Call it Great Customer Service!

By Theresa Mills, Business 2 Community You may have read last week’s blog: The Anytime, Anyplace Customer Experience. In the process of writing the blog, I came across loads of different CRM buzzwords like multi-channel, omni-channel, customer-centric, customer alignment, channel agnostic…and so on. As my head was swirling around with all of these terms, I

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Is Your Company Customer Centric or Ego Centric?

By Michel Falcon, Business 2 Community Being customer centric requires you to be able to operate from the viewpoint of the customer. In other words, can you remove yourself as a professional and make operational decisions based on how you would react if you were the customer? Too many companies claim to be focused on

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Why Do Companies Undervalue Customer Loyalty?

By Kasia Moreno , Forbes The other day I got an offer in the mail to renew my subscription to a magazine I have been subscribing to for years. In the same batch of mail came another offer from the same magazine, treating me as a potential new customer. I opened both envelopes. The subscription

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5 Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

By Jonathan Long, Business 2 Community; The world of online marketing can be overwhelming, especially for those business owners that have only focused on traditional advertising up until this point. It can be a lot of information to absorb and naturally, mistakes are going to be made. There are so many segments available, from blogging

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