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Donor Centricity Collective- Luncheon 20th January

By Emily Elliott, Marketsoft   On the 20th of January 2016, many had the privilege to enjoy talks from Alan Hulse from PETA and Annabella Chauncy from School for life. They both spoke on the need for engaging a younger demographic of donors and using data to achieve this. Harnessing the use of market research

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Top 7 reasons why Customer Centricity (CC) will be one of your best career decisions!

Written by Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft It is hard and therefore you will be uniquely more valuable – up until 2012, international thought leader on customer centricity, Peter Fader (@faderp), couldn’t name a single organization that was the gold standard or shining beacon of Customer Centricity (CC). Today, only a few organisations like pharmaceutical giant Merck and

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Customers rule in bank of the future

By Bruce Dahlgren & Daniel Biondi, Enterprise Innovation; Among today’s digitally masterful consumers, that old adage ‘customer is king’ has never had more relevance. Tech-savvy, highly connected customers are spoilt for choice. Their expectations are high and they want superior service and products. They won’t hesitate to move on if their individual needs aren’t being

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B2B Marketers Prioritizing Customer Acquisition Over Retention

By Krystle Vermes, KOMarketing A new report published by Act-On Software shows that more of today’s mid-sized B2B companies have management objectives tied to acquisition revenue than customer retention. According to the data, 82 percent of respondents have management objectives tied to acquisition revenue. This is compared to 48 percent who said that they have more objectives

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Securing Data Vital to Personalized Customer Experiences

By Andrew Kenney, Smart Data Collective Personalization, the killer user engagement feature, is built on trust and data security. User data, displayed on websites and available through secure APIs, is the new pivot for enterprise IT that will drive the evolution of security practices and customer engagement in 2015 and beyond. However, in an age

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Omnichannel, Big Data…What’s Next? Predictions for 2015

By Graeme Grant, Multichannel Merchant If I had to summarize 2014 for the retail industry, it would be the year of buzzwords. From omnichannel to big data, new “solutions” were being discussed every day and all of them were touted as the latest-and-greatest in the ongoing quest to meet customer demands and increase revenue.That’s not

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The Customer Has A Voice: Your Business Is The Audience

By J-P De Clerck, Business 2 Community The significantly grown attention for content marketing, the “brands as publishers,” and storytelling narrative has made marketers look at their customers, prospects, etc. as “audiences.” It’s time to look at our businesses as audiences. Target groups, segments, followers, subscribers, fans, suspects, and prospects: we had our fair share of terms

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