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The magic of data science

By Joel Nicholson, Marketsoft The challenges… Does the name conjure images of either laboratory geniuses sitting in top secret Russian military bases or a scene out of the Minority Report of futuristic technicians swiping three dimensional visualisations of data and charts?  What ever the image you have, the definition of data science is wide and varied.

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CIO head-to-head: Collaborating with business to be more externally customer-centric

We ask three technology leaders how they’re ensuring their teams are working more collaboratively with line-of-business to meet customer expectations. Q: How are you changing your operational and leadership approach to be more externally customer-centric? Janet Sutherland, CIO, Wotif Group The IT team at the Wotif Group has a strong customer focus, which is particularly

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How SMB B2B Marketers Can Improve Lead Turnover by Using Big Company Tactics

By Mimi Miles, Marketing Profs, @marketingprofs Not surprisingly, a recent study by InsideSales.com points to a lack of leads as the top challenge for today’s business-to-business (B2B) marketers. The need for qualified leads almost always trumps other important efforts such as brand awareness, field enablement, and partner development. At the same time, B2B prospect pools are smaller

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One quick fix to improve B2B campaign ROI

By Kathy Salter, @Marketsoft Any marketer working with business to business data will tell you – it can be tricky. The days of a job for life are long gone and it is estimated that, by 2020, average Australians will leave their jobs every three to four years. Think about what that means for your

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