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Green MashUP: The 9 things big data will change forever

The Fifth Estate, By Leon Gettler; In an age of computers, GPS devices and fleet GPS transceivers, RFID tag readers, smart meters, embedded microprocessors and sensors, we are now confronted with a tsunami of data. Software applications allow people to conduct more and more from their smartphones, where geospatial applications like Google Maps generate vast

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Optimizing Health Care With Big Data

By Anand Srinivasan, Smart Data Collective; For big data enthusiasts, healthcare is a goldmine for disruption. Right from the patient demographic data to their medical reports, the recommended treatment, their retention rates and treatment success rates – the information gathered from all this could help unravel a number of patterns and interpretations that could potentially startle

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How Data Is Failing Marketers

By Brooks Bell, Forbes We asked several participants in the upcoming Techonomy 2014 conference to write an article for us on what they are passionate about right now. Peter Drucker famously argued in the 1950s that data would allow us to “know and understand [the] customer so well, products [would] sell themselves.” For decades, it

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When It Comes to Data, Go Smart Before You Go Big

By Rohit Kumar, Clickz There is a lot of hype around big data, but integrating a broader range of smart data sources can help achieve revenue goals in a more efficient way. If you work in marketing, there’s a good chance that you hear or read the words “big data” at least a few times

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‘Small Data’ Trumps ‘Big Data’

By Vijay Ramaswamy, Business 2 Community The staggering increase in the number of channels of communication over the past few years has been accompanied by an exponential increase in the amount of advertising ‘noise’. Companies know that they need to ‘rise above the noise’. Marketing teams have it drilled into them that they need to

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Big Data’s Big Mistake?

By Michael Essany, Mobile Marketing Watch The following is a guest contributed post to MMW from Malcolm Stewart, CEO of YouEye. In the early and middle decades of the 20th century, instinct and an understanding of human nature drove marketing and advertising. Consider “Mad Men” – the TV drama about a prestigious 1960s New York

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ANZ companies lag on big data

By Warc staff, Warc SYDNEY: Companies in Australia and New Zealand have been warned that they are failing to capitalise on the possibilities offered by big data analytics, after new research found only a fifth of the firms have a big data strategy. Based on the responses of 150 enterprises in both countries, the Forrester

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DMA 2014: Day 4 – Google’s missing answers

Day 4 (or day 2 for the mass of main event attendees) of DMA 2014 arguably boasted the deepest range of content and thought-leadership (disclaimer: based on a quantitate survey of one Australian attendee). We heard from a wide range of inspiring speakers, ranging from why eCommerce is worth a bet (Brian Fethetherstonhaugh of OgilvyOne), to the

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MasterCard to access Facebook user data

By Beverley Head, The Age Priceless engine: MasterCard will be holding data on consumers’ social media and online habits for the benefit of banks. Photo: Michel O Sullivan MasterCard has signed a two-year deal to access Facebook Asia Pacific user data detailing consumers’ online habits to uncover behavioural insights it can then sell to the

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Why we’re failing to get the most out of open data

By Victoria Lemieux, Forum An unprecedented number of individuals and organizations are finding ways to explore, interpret and use Open Data. Public agencies are hosting Open Data events such as meetups, hackathons and data dives. The potential of these initiatives is great, including support for economic development (McKinsey, 2013), anti-corruption (European Public Sector Information Platform,

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