Ad:tech Conference March 15-16 2016

By Emily Elliott, Marketsoft

shutterstock_156868571-SMLAs the digital generation progresses we must first look as what it means to be “digital” and if the term has any relevance at all. As we evolve so must our technology and marketing strategies; forget B2B and start looking at technology marketing to humans. Create a strategy that breaks through the noise to deliver your message without being cliché or generic.

The conference provided a platform to develop new thoughts and innovative strategies to distribute content through emerging technological platforms, whilst analysing the marketplace and the diversity encapsulated in it. We need to look at grass root projects and jump on the band wagon prior to anyone else otherwise we may miss the opportunity.

A few keys points which were consistently highlighted throughout the conference from various speakers:

  • Be customer centric
  • Support for digital innovation must begin at the top
  • DATA must be current and healthy- no healthy data = no successful marketing
  • Share-ability of content
  • Be authentic
  • Snack size content not meal size

As a whole, marketing must evolve with today’s technology. As we move from desktop to mobile applications, demand for information from the consumer increases. They want it now and we must deliver. Thus the architecture of the web changes and our platforms along with it.