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About Us

Marketsoft is an agile marketing data services company.

Data is essential for marketing success, and we help our customers deliver smarter, more profitable and more customer-centric marketing campaigns by improving the quality of your data and what you do with it.

We work with you to understand business objectives and then look at how you can use your data better to achieve them, delivering immediate improvements in profitability as well as longer-term sustainable customer-centric advantage.

Marketsoft was founded in the 1970s and was the first to bring the then revolutionary ‘merge purge’ technology to this country. We have been at the forefront of the development of the Australian direct marketing industry, its evolution into data-driven marketing and then today’s era of analytics, trigger marketing and customer-centricity.

We bring to the table over 30 years of experience of providing bespoke data solutions for our blue chip customers from industries including banking, finance and insurance, direct response, BtoB, BtoC, non-profits, events, travel and publishing,

Marketsoft has always been 100% Australian owned and based, so our customers’ data remains in this country.

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Meet the Team

  • Michael Mocatta
    Strategic Solutions Director

    Under construction - Watch this space!

  • Todd Fisher
    Business Development Director

    With over twelve years in marketing data services, Todd’s passion is helping customers realise their marketing objectives and make their marketing more customer centric. Todd  has two young children who keep him busy and, as if that’s not enough, he  also the lead singer of the very active ‘Old School’ band who play  the hits of the 80s around the pub and club circuit each weekend.

  • Joel Nicholson
    Managing Director

    Joel is a data and technology evangelist. He believes the speed of change and the convergence of data and technology has a huge influence on the way we all live. The ability to harness and leverage both forces to empower marketers is what gets him out of bed in the morning.

  • Daniel Cummins

    Determined to make a difference for our customers, Dan’s passion is bringing true customer-centricity to the way organisations think and operate. His unique skill set combines technical expertise and depth of understanding of modern marketing concepts.

  • Alonso Arrarte
    Data Analyst

    With a skill-set combining digital marketing and data analysis, Alonso’s experience ensures he can always see the bigger picture when working with client data. He brings flair and exuberance to every project and works with dedication to get the results that clients need.

  • Alison Feuerstein
    Office Manager / Marketing Coordinator

    Alison is the heart of our team at Marketsoft. Her open personality and fresh energy passes easily to those around her as she keeps a team of clever people all running smoothly behind the scenes. She is also an important member of our marketing team, looking after our social channels with creativity and a flair for design.